Berkeley Street

222 Berkeley Street

FROM THE NORTH    [click here for map]

  • Take I-93 S toward Somerville/Boston
  • Take the RT-28 / RT-3 N exit 26 to Storrow Drive / North Station  [0.2 mi]
  • Continue to RT-28 S  [1.4 mi]
  • Take the left fork to RT-28 S / RT-3 N / Storrow Drive and merge onto RT-28 S [1.0 mi]
  • Turn left at Beacon Street / RT-28 N  [157 ft]
  • Turn right at Arlington St  [0.3 mi]
  • Turn right at St James Ave [0.1 mi]
  • Turn right at Berkeley Street [222 Berkeley Street will be on the left]

FROM THE SOUTH   [click here for map]

  • Take I-93 N toward Boston
  • Merge onto Frontage Road / Frontage Road Northbound / New Frontage Road North via the I-90 exit 20 to Logan Airport / Worcester / South Station  [0.7 mi]
  • Turn left at E Berkeley Street  [0.8 mi]  [222 Berkeley Street will be on the left]

FROM THE WEST    [click here for map]

  • Take I-90 East / Mass Pike toward Boston
  • Take the RT-9 East / Stuart Street exit 22 to Copley Square, keep following signs  [0.4 mi]
  • Merge onto RT-9 East / Stuart Street  [0.3 mi]
  • Turn left at Berkeley Street  [400 ft]  [222 Berkeley Street will be on the left]